About Us

My name is Oonagh Donnelly and my business which was established in 1999 began in a small portacabin at the side of my home. It came as a result of a search to find answers to my children’s health problems. The search grew into a thirst for more and more knowledge into the positive benefits that good nutrition and lifestyle choices has on health. I also wanted to continue to work at something that I had fallen in love with, as well as allowing me to be at  home and look after my children. 17 years on we are blessed that the business has grown from strength to strength and a few years ago we moved into a beautiful spacious purpose built premises with private access. At the clinic we offer Colonic Hyrdrotherapy, Herbalism. Iridology, Health Consultations and Sports massage.



How did it all begin?

Well my journey began when my children were born 26 and 23 years ago. My son was diagnosed within his first year with asthma and my daughter shortly after she was born.  It was really hard to watch the children gasping for breath and sometimes even the inhalers didn’t give much relief and it was always worse at night. I had a friend who diagnosed that they had an intolerance to dairy products and to cut out all milk, yoghurts, cheese, ice cream etc. Well I struggled with that notion a lot. Where were they going to get their calcium from? Surely all children need calcium from dairy for their bones? Well that was the notion I grew up with. When I reflected back to when I was expecting the children I wouldn’t take medicine for any complaint not even Gaviscon for heartburn (which I suffered a lot from) I just drank litres of milk each day, something I thought was good for me and would help the heartburn.  Well no wonder the children were born clogged up and not able to breathe!!! We struggled on another few years until our son was starting school and the Doctor gave me 2 inhalers for him to take to school. Well that was it… I knew I had to do something drastic. I threw all the dairy products out of the fridge and our whole family went dairy free even my husband and myself. Within a few days of being dairy free they were off their inhalers and haven’t needed them from that day to this day. The difference was dramatic and I began to feel so much better too. For years I had been bothered with a lot of sore throats and over the past 20 years since, I have had no more bother either. That started me on the journey to learning more about health and nutrition.

Warning; I would like to make this point that I do not encourage anyone to take children off medication or inhalers before discussing it with your Doctor or Health nurse.



I was so keen to learn more about health and nutrition. I took courses in Master Herbalism, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Iridology and graduated in 1999. I am afflicted with Association of Master Herbalists – AMH;  Association and Register of Colonic Hyrdotherapists – ARCH;  The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists – GNI;  and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council – CNHC.