Natural Health

We can no longer say we are a Health care system but a Disease care system.

In a Disease care system we wait until people get sick and then try to fix them. In a health care system we look at things that are making us sick, eliminate them from our bodies and our lives; build on the positive lifestyle changes, healthy eating, exercise, proper rest as well as nutritional and herbal supplementation if required. Sadly we are a society that has no time to deal with sickness. most people will take a pill to sort the problem without dealing with the source of the problem. We cannot leave it up to our Doctors or Nurses or health care professionals to give us the level of great health we all want and indeed deserve. Our health is our responsibility 

What happens when you cut your finger? The skin is damaged and it starts to bleed but gradually your blood begins to clot and it forms a scab. When the tissue heals and new skin begins to grow the scab falls off and the wound is healed. our body has an amazing ability to heal naturally when given the chance.

Natural Healing look at the whole person not just a single organ or limb but looks at systems and how one system works with the other. There are times however when due to lifestyle, poor diet, stress, genetics, and the ageing process, that the body is not able to repair as well as it should.  The result is pain and sickness which may lead to illness and disease. Drugs and medication are not always the answer, they can be harsh and have many side effects. You need to get “under the bonnet of the car” as it were and find out why you are getting sick. Don’t mask the problem with medication. STOP doing what you are doing that’s making you sick. START creating new habits and making healthier choices that create outstanding levels of health that you and your family deserve. 


Does Natural Healing have a place in the modern day?

Natural Healing does have its place in the 21st century. Perhaps it is needed more now than ever before when we are faced with growing numbers of people having to deal with cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stress and even children manifesting what were once considered adult illnesses. As a natural Health Consultant I believe in prevention, creating a lifestyle that can set in place habits and daily routines that bring about and sustain good health. Identifying the warning signals and making changes early is essential. How can we do this? Through education, awareness, taking responsibility and making healthy choices every single day.

Is Natural Healing for everyone?

Yes everyone can avail by following these protocols. If you have great health you are to be commended. Build on what you been gifted and make it even better. You can also follow this path of Natural health, it isn’t just for those who are sick. But if you are reading this, chances are you may be struggling with a health challenge. The starting place which is safe and very effective no matter what problems you have is to clear the toxins. Open the elimination channels, the kidneys, bowel, lungs, skin and the liver is the key. This way you will be assisting the healing process naturally

As a Natural Health Consultant, I show my clients ways to raise their overall level of health though the use of herbs, live foods, cleansing, flushes, colonic hydrotherapy treatments and building the body up again with herbs and supplements.   

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